Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beer Review: Racer 5

Russ says:Truth be told, I didn't think I would like this beer. I am predisposed to darker creamier beers and anything with the word "pale" really does nothing for me. That said, I bought it on the advice of the "beer man" at Morry's of Naples. If this is what an IPA is supposed to taste like, then wow! It pours a dark golden color with a nice head. You'll notice more than a few floaties in there, what I like to think of as "beer pulp." The smell is wonderful, a refreshing citrusy and piney aroma. The body is medium-light. The beer has sweet fruity flavors without cloying and is balanced with a nice hop bite for a sharp finish. The ABV is a little high to be a session beer but it is very drinkable. My new favorite beer. 4.8

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