Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beer-venture! : Casa Vino, Long Beach

Location: CasaVino, 51 S Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA

Getting There: Easy 1.5 mile pedal from our place. On a Saturday night, you move down Pine at a lightening speed compared to the cars. Locked the bikes right in front by wrapping a cable around the only thing available - the fire hydrant. Yes, in this popular, increasingly-built-up, touristy part of Long Beach, there wasn't a single bike rack or other sturdy thing to lock the bikes to.

Beer Reviews:

Stone IPA
Russ says:The beer was poured from a 12 oz bottle. The color was a nice golden yellow with little to no head. It smelled citrusy and piney. The mouthfeel was light to medium. Not exactly thin, but not a whole lot of body either. The beer has a mild malt flavor, but what really sticks out is the hops. Lots of bitter hops that make for a real clean dry aftertaste. There were some light fruit notes. Orange, perhaps? 3.7

Stone Smoked Porter
Laura says: This beer was poured from a 22 oz bottle. Deep dark brown color with a thin-ish dark cream head, good lacing. Mild aroma. Mild, well-balanced mouthfeel. Light carbonation. Smoky rich flavor with a light sweetness, no noticeable hops. Served a bit too cold, body grew as it started to warm. Overall, good flavor, fairly mild, very drinkable. 4

Old Rasputin Imperial Stout
Laura says: This beer was poured from a 22 oz bottle. Complex aroma. Rich, dense, creamy at first, then bitterness grows. Complex and intriguing. Tastes of very dark coffee, not very sweet. Has a bit of a bitter aftertaste, kinda dry. Overall, very enjoyable to drink. This is what a good imperial stout should taste like. 4.5

Russ says: Poured from a 22 oz bottle. Nice and dark with a lacey tan head. The mouthfeel had a medium/heavy body. There were strong coffee and dark chocolate flavors. The beer had a nice overall deep, dark and rich character with a clean finish. There was a hint of fruit up front but was quickly overpowered by the dark malts. 4.3

Avocado & Serrano Ham Crostini: Four pieces of toasted bread with walnut parmesian goat cheese, serrano ham and avocado. Unexpectedly rich combination of flavors, kinda spicy, good mix of different textures. Small portion, but we liked this a lot. 4.3

Rustica Pizza: Artichoke hearts, serrano ham and sun-dried tomato stuffed green olives, topped with three cheeses and a zesty sauce. Good combination of ingredients and flavors. Sauce is a bit reminiscent of chili. 4.2

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