Saturday, January 26, 2008

To Use or Not To Use: The Cold Glass Debate

Personally, I've never really liked drinking beer out of a cold glass. My hands are already always cold, so why would I want to make them colder? Plus, when the glass starts to warm up, the icy walls start to sweat and pretty soon, you're holding a slippery and sopping wet glass. Not particularly appealing. But, it's held up as the gold standard at most US bars, so I learned how to grin and bear it (and wrap a napkin around the glass to keep my hands warm and dry).

So, imagine my thrill upon reading this:

"Never chill your glassware, and decline if served a frosted glass. Why? As the beer hits the frosted glass condensation will occur and dilute your beer, while at the same time alter the serving temperature." (From Beer Advocate)

Did you just do a double-take? Yes, the cold beer glass is one of the great misconceptions. Sure, there are beers that should be drunk at low temperatures, but if you heed the quote above, it should be the beer that's chilled, not the glass.

The other night, at our regular local bar, some of our party kindly requested a room temperature glass over the frosted glass that came automatically with our pitcher. You should have seen the confused look on our waitress' face.

So, it looks like it might be an up-hill battle. But, I finally feel like I've found some vindication. I can come out of the closet and say, "I don't want a cold glass."

Who's with me?

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