Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beer Review: Troubador Obscura

Laura says: Dark brown color with a thick creamy head. Mild, sweet flavor with a hint of sweet coffee. A bit thin and fizzy, but with a good cleansing aftertaste. Very well-rounded and pleasant. I'm quite surprised to find such a dark Belgian beer. Not as annoyingly fruity as I expected. Easily drinkable, but not quite as dark and deep as I like. 3.0

Russ says: Dark! Had a nice thick creamy head. The aroma had a nice indistinct sweet malty smell. The flavor was heavy on the coffee but sweet, almost like drinking a mochaccino. Also noticed a caramel aftertaste. It was ok, slightly overpowering taste of alcohol throughout. Definitely not a session beer. 3.0

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